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Green Ambassadors
Community Clean-ups
The Green Ambassadors Program is a partnership between Wheelabrator Baltimore’s We Can Bmore and the Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity. Our Green Ambassadors are committed to cleaning communities to promote sustainability and public safety by removing trash that detracts from the vitality of our Baltimore communities. We hire local residents through Baltimore-owned landscaping businesses to clean up every week surrounding four Baltimore churches.
Project Waves
Expanding Internet Access to All
Waves is a Community ISP focused on providing Internet access to all. Over one third of the Baltimore City population is without Internet access. Waves builds relationships with community organizers across the city and focus on lighting up access to residential areas that are classified as Internet Deserts.
Billie Holiday Liberation Project
Liberation Arts Education
Founded in 2017, the mission of the Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts is to document and disseminate the unique history of African American life, letters, and art in Baltimore, Maryland, and to foster intellectual linkages between the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus and the historic “inner city” of Baltimore. We accomplish our objectives through four core programs.