February 7, 2020
Baltimore pastor unveils plan to fight crime, corruption

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The Rev. Alvin Hathaway, Sr., of the historic Union Baptist Church believes he has a plan that will help pull Baltimore out of this crisis of continued violence and corruption at City Hall.

Hathaway unveiled his plan at the United Missionary Baptist Convention at Martin’s West in Windsor Mill Friday night. He shared it with the group’s 1,500 members that represent 100 churches across Baltimore.

At issue is corruption at City Hall and crime. Part of Hathaway‘s plan to fight it, he said, is to use the church.

“This is the church, and the church has always been that moral fiber in our community. And I think that it’s important that when the church rises up they can call all of us, particularly our political leaders, back to that moral justice, righteousness, that they belong,“ said Hathaway.

Rev. Hathaway raised his voice Thursday night at Fox 45’s Your Voice, Your Future, City in Crisis Town Hall.

“It’s the people’s plan that’s got to operate in our city. For every different candidate, you got a different plan,” said Hathaway. “That’s why I created the entity called 'ActNowBaltimore.com.' It’s the people’s plan that’s got to operate in our city."

At the convention he added: “There is an amazing intellectual capital among people of the city. The people of the city knows what’s best for them. The politicians need to come and listen to them.“

Watch the full video at: https://foxbaltimore.com/news/city-in-crisis/baltimore-pastor-unveils-plan-to-fight-crime-corruption