May 4, 2021
Baltimore schools see positive results in virtual tutoring districtwide

Baltimore City said it's starting to see results from its districtwide virtual tutoring program.

It was put into place to help students recover from learning loss. Now, some religious leaders are hoping it'll continue over the summer and they're willing to help out.

In a recent letter to the school CEO, the head of ACT Now, Rev. Al Hathaway, a faith-based community group committed to holding political leaders accountable, wants to get involved. It wants to help reduce learning loss this summer using school system curriculum.

"We have a number of assets that could be beneficial to the Baltimore City school system. The first asset is that we are dispersed throughout this city in strategic places, and we have space, the second is that we are trusted voices in those neighborhoods," Hathaway said.

Besides the letter they sent to the school district, religious leaders are hoping for a face-to-face meeting to explain their summer education plan.

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