February 23, 2021
Press Release
Act Now Baltimore Launches New Council District Faith-Based Hub Network

Baltimore, Md. – Act Now Baltimore today announced the launch of a newly formed Council District Faith Based Hub Network. This network will seek to create a new “covenant with government” through facilitating dialogue between underrepresented communities and their elected officials.  The organization will also encourage accountability, credibility, and transparency in government while working towards measurable outcomes for residents to improve the quality of life for those most at need.

Act Now Baltimore is led by native Baltimorean, longtime community activist, and current Pastor of Union Baptist Church in West Baltimore, Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr.

“With new leadership in both the Mayor’s office and City Council, we have a unique opportunity as citizens to re-shape our city to become a more accountable, credible, transparent and equitable place” said Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr. “Our newly launched faith-based network contains diverse faith leaders from each one of Baltimore’s city council districts that represent a cross section of Baltimore citizens. Each one of them is looking forward to opening and facilitating conversations between our elected officials and citizens who have traditionally been underrepresented and unheard.”

Rev. Dr. Hathaway was also joined by several members of the leadership council including Bishop Angel Nunez of the Bilingual Christian Church, Rev. Florence Ledyard of Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church & Bishop JL Carter of Ark Church.

“Many members of my congregation and surrounding community do not, have not connected with our local government and therefore have a common distrust because they believe it will not work for them in a positive way.” said Bishop Angel Nunez of the Bilingual Christian Church, “It’s my hope that through conversations and dialogue we can act as a bridge between our elected officials and local communities to build trust and bring positive change to peoples lives.”  

Act Now Baltimore will begin holding virtual town halls with elected officials beginning in March.  To learn more about the District Hub Leadership Council please visit www.ActNowBaltimore.com.

About Act Now Baltimore:

Act Now Baltimore is a network of faith-based community hubs in each of Baltimore’s 14 Council Districts that work in coordination to ensure our political leaders are accountable, credible, and transparent to the people they serve. Our leadership council of diverse faith leaders represent a cross-section of Baltimore citizens who believe that when we have a “covenant with government” we can accomplish great things together.

For more information, visit www.ActNowBaltimore.com.

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