March 13, 2021
Fox 45
Hundreds Getting Vaccinated at West Baltimore Community Clinics Saturday

More community vaccine clinics are being put together as the state is trying to make sure there is greater access to COVID-19 vaccines and that doses are going to those who need them most.

Two clinics are taking place in west Baltimore today.

Those coming say it’s a myth that African-Americans are hesitant to get vaccinated. They just need opportunities to get the shots.

"I took the first vaccine I could get," says Carl Harvey. "I came here with my wife Delores."

"We've been on a waiting list for a long, long time in other places," Delores Harvey says.

Saturday, they're getting their first doses of the Moderna vaccine.

Coming to Union Baptist Church made it easy on them.

"When one thinks about the long lines that we see on the media and we hear the stories about especially for older people, I am an octogenarian, so I really understand what that means," Delores says.

250 people are getting vaccinated at the church.

The church could easily do another 250 if they had enough doses.

"The hesitancy that we hear is not happening here and you can see that with the turn out," says Major General Janeen Birkhead with the Maryland National Guard which helped organize the church clinic with Safeway Pharmacy.

"People want the vaccine. We’ve got to make it available to them in the places they are," says Reverend Al Hathaway with Union Baptist Church.

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