July 26, 2021
Town Hall on Violence in Baltimore - Accountability leads to effective crime plan

A "Your Voice, Your Future" Town Hall with political commentator Armstrong Williams featured a variety of speakers.

The Town Hall was held at Bilingual Christian Church on Erdman Avenue near I-895.

Speakers included retired Baltimore police deputy commissioner of operations Anthony Barksdale, Bilingual Christian Church Bishop Angel Nunez, Her Resiliency Center leader Natasha Guynes, CEO of King Renaissance, Inc., Maurice King, and retired acting deputy commissioner Melvin Russell.

Barksdale noted that there were time periods when homicides hit historic lows in the city, and that happened because of intense accountability and having a smart crime plan.

"It hasn't always been this way," he said about Baltimore's current crime wave.

Watch Video Here: https://foxbaltimore.com/news/raw-news/town-hall-on-violence-in-baltimore