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Baltimore City is at a crossroads. Trust in our local Baltimore City government is at an all-time low while crime on our city streets is at an all-time high.  We need a change in Baltimore City’s leadership now that is accountable, credible,and transparent to move our city in the right direction.  With the upcoming mayoral election, the time is now to move our city forward.

We need city leaders and candidates that will fight for change in our city and support the people’s agenda. Please answer the following questions to let us know if these issues should be a priority for our elected officials and candidates.
1. Is crime in Baltimore City your top concern?
2. Do you feel safe in your neighborhood at night?
3. Do you think Baltimore City is getting worse?  
4. Are you satisfied with the quality of education provided by Baltimore City schools?
5. Would you support an independent financial audit of Baltimore City government to see how money and our tax dollars are spent?
6. Do you believe we could do a better job of keeping our city clean and improving infrastructure?
7. Do you trust Baltimore City’s current elected officials?
8. Do you believe elected officials and candidates should be required to be 100% transparent and accountable in their dealings?
9. Is now the time to replace the political class that has created the current problems in Baltimore?
10. If you DO think it’s time to replace the political class, who should be elected the next mayor?
11. Is it time for non-politicians to lead the city?
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